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We do not offer cheap, ‘get you in’ driving lessons. Most driving schools that offer this, will not allow you to drive the car on your first few lessons. They will ‘talk and talk’ driving theory to you. This is always a complete waste of time. You can only take in so much information! To us a driving lesson should be exactly that….’a driving lesson’. You will drive on each and every lesson with us. We keep talking to a minimum except when an explanation is required. You will not get a wall of information from us. We deliver every lesson in bitesize chunks. We explain a little and then give you ample time to practice. We believe in the following:

  1. What I hear, I forget.
  2. What I see, I remember.
  3. What I do, I understand.

We want you to understand first and foremost hence you will be driving many miles on your lessons with us.

Now you know how we are different from most other driving schools. You can book a trial lesson with us using the booking form.

Driving Lesson Prices

1 Hour = £30.00
1.5 Hours = £45.00
2.0 Hours £60.00

All lessons should be booked using the form.



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