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Sean-Burns-Driving-School-300x300Welcome to my website. Like most people I hate talking about myself. However, I am passionate about driver training, road safety, and leaner driver development. Because of this I have to say my piece and speak the truth about driving instructors and driving schools.

I am the former owner of one of the biggest driving schools in the region, The Capital Driving School. I also owned successful driving schools in Belfast and Glasgow. I built these driving schools through my knowledge and understanding of the driver training industry and my reputation as a driving instructor. My initial goal was to provide a personalised, high quality, service, to learner drivers whilst also earning a living. As I developed the business I listened to daily telephone calls from unhappy customers and often their parents. They very often complained about receiving an unsatisfactory service and less than useful driving lessons from their current driving instructors.

The frequency of this type of complaint was shocking to me. Common complaints included; grumpy driving instructors, rude driving instructors, unhelpful, many cancelled lessons, swearing, impatience, long periods of time spent at the roadside, no explaination of why faults were occuring and many more things that you wouldn’t believe.

These new customers were often calling me looking for a way out of there shocking situation. They had spent substantial amounts of money and had achieved very little in many cases.

My ways are very different.

You will receive a friendly, positive service on every lesson with me. We will set an objective for every lesson and will have a plan in place to achieve your objective. I will not be happy if we do not achieve your objective on our driving lesson. Regardless of your ability I will take it personally if you do not make progress. It is never your fault. I will reflect on your lesson and devise ways to challenge you and help you improve on the next lesson. Everyone learns differently and I will help you to learn in a way that benefits you. Your driving lesson plan will be flexible and adaptable to change as required, based on your strengths and weaknesses.

What you can expect when learning with me-

  1. Straight talking.
  2. Clear lesson objectives.
  3. Friendly atmosphere.
  4. Consistent service.
  5. Maximum time driving the car.
  6. Simple manouevre procedures.
  7. Test route practice.
  8. Mock tests.
  9. Confidence building.
  10. Lesson satisfaction.

I do not offer driving lesson ‘block bookings’. In my opinion this is designed to suit the driving instructor. The instructor holds your money in advance. What other industry does this? You will feel tied in to your instructor after paying for 10 hours even if you are not happy with your lessons. This is not right. I often hear stories of instructors providing a great service when lessons are paid for individually and then providing no service at all after a ‘block booking is paid’.

I do things different to most. I do not take block booking payments. You will pay me per lesson. This way you will never feel ‘tied in’ to staying with me. You are free to go elsewhere at any point if you are not happy with the service you receive. I feel that this is the fairest way to structure our lessons.



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